Compliance sucks. We've got you covered.

Mosey makes setting up for employment in multiple states and managing ongoing compliance fast and easy.

Mosey is the compliance platform for any HR team and company looking to scale remote work. They've thought of everything to help us streamline and stay on top of employment to tax compliance. Using Mosey is a no-brainer.

Easy, fast, and secure

Set up in minutes. Compliance for days!

No more digging through government websites to figure out what to do. No more spreadsheets to manage your business-critical compliance tasks.

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Everything you need

All-in-one compliance

Mosey has you covered from setting up in a new location for the first time to managing ongoing compliance in every state.

Employer account setup

Open employer and tax accounts so you can set up payroll in a new state.

Compliance calendar

Always up-to-date calendar so you don't miss a deadline and avoid penalties.

Monitoring and alerts

Get notified when an important compliance task requires your attention.

Import existing locations

Bring in all of your existing locations and track compliance in one place.

Compliance know-how

See all HR, payroll, insurance, registration, and tax requirements in each location.

Track requirements

Keep track of requirements and their status across multiple teams.

Assign tasks

Delegate work to teammates and even to your outside vendors.

Store government accounts

Securely store your registration information, ID numbers, and credentials.
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Growing a startup and managing compliance in multiple jurisdictions is complicated, time-consuming, and full of expensive pitfalls. The time to start isn't when a startup is already in hyper growth mode. Mosey makes it easy from day one, which is key when trying to build a distributed team.